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Bolt Action | US Army flamethrower team

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Flamethrowers were used throughout the war, especially in the Pacific, to clear our tunnels and bunkers. During the Normandy landings the number of flamethrowers was increased to allow the men to open a gap in the fortified Germans lines. The flamethrower can unleash an immense amount of damage with just one burst of it's molten stream. It can take out multiple men simultaneously, even making short work of veterans which can make it invaluable. It can even nullify cover advantages, making it the perfect objective clearer.


  • Game System: Bolt Action
  • Product Code: 403013005
  • Army: American
  • Army: Flamethrower (2 Figures)
  • Material: Metal

Special Attributes

  • Flamethrowers never suffer to-hit penalties for cover or Down. Hits multiplied into D6 (D6+1 for vehicle flamethrower). Always hits top armour. No -1 PEN for long range. Gun shield and extra protection rules do not apply. Units hit take D3+1 pins and must always check morale (if fail, then destroyed). Flamethrower rolls D6 - on 1 it runs out of fuel. When rolling to damage vehicle equipped with flamerthrower, add +1 to damage effects chart.

Warlord Games miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly - we recommend using Deluxe Materials Plastic Glue and Vallejo Paints.