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Start Collecting! Daughters Of Khaine

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  • Mini’s in box: 9
  • Product Code: 70-61
  • Faction: AOS
  • Battle Ready Paint: Abaddon Black|Warplock Bronze|Leadbelcher|Retributor Armour |Rakarth Flesh|Thousand Sons Blue |Mephiston Red|Waaagh! Flesh|Rakarth Flesh|The Fang|Incubi Darkness |Celestra Grey|Doombull Brown|Death Guard Green|Averland Sunset|Casandora Yellow|Biel-Tan Green|Carroburg Crimson |Coelia Greenshade|Agrax Earthshade|Reikland Fleshshade |Nuln Oil
  • Parade Ready Paint: Eshin Grey|Dawnstone|Stormhost Silver |Auric Armour Gold |Liberator Gold|Brass Scorpion |Runelord Brass |Flayed One Flesh|Pallid Wych Flesh |Temple Guard Blue|Evil Sunz Scarlet |Wild Rider Red |Warpstone Glow |Moot Green|Pallid Wych Flesh|White Scar|Russ Grey|Fenrisian Grey |Evil Sunz Scarlet |Fire Dragon Bright |Kabalite Green|Gauss Blaster Green|Warboss Green|Skarsnik Green|Ulthuan Grey|White Scar|Wazdakka Red|Squig Orange |Nurgling Green|Fuegan Orange |Astorath Red|Sycorax Bronze|Stormhost Silver
  • Parts Count: ?
  • Base Size: 40mm & 25mm Round

This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.