Napoleonic French Chasseurs & Cheval Light Cavalry -

Napoleonic French Chasseurs & Cheval Light Cavalry

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Although requested not to wear the sabretache beyond 1808 many Chasseurs would keep this item well beyond this decree and thus we�ve included it on our models. For those of you wishing to follow regulations over reality simply snip the sabretache* off.


  • 12 plastic easy-build French Light Cavalry
  • 1�metal officer and horse
  • Optional metal parts to make a trumpeter and eagle bearer
  • Includes options for shako, oilskin covered shakos and the elite company Colpack fur hat.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

*A sabretache (derived from German: S�beltasche) is a flat bag or pouch, which was worn suspended from the belt of a cavalry officer together with the sabre.