Vallejo Model Air Chrome (Metallic) 17ml -

Vallejo Model Air Chrome (Metallic) 17ml

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The Model Air range are matt acrylic colours are water based and designed for use with all makes of airbrush. The range includes a full range of military colours from WW1 through to present day.

The paints can be thinned by various means including acrylic thinner and flow improver, distilled water can also be used.

Surfaces for painting should be clean, dry and primed before applying thin coats ofmodel air.

The colours dry very quickly and retain the finest of details when applied unlike other thicker or standard brushed paint.

An air pressure of 15-20psi (0.5 � 1kg) is recommended.�Model air can also be applied with a brush, but more layers will be needed.

Model Air paints are non-flammable and solvent free, but should be disposed of in a responsible manner, the dropper pots are recyclable in most areas.