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Tournament Pack 'A'




This document provides all the information you need to play in the Introduction to Tournament Play event. The
event promises to offer a super chilled, friendly gaming environment aimed at introducing 40K players to
tournament style play. Players will participate in a one-day event that will consist of 3 x Incursion sized games
(1000 pts). Ultimately, though, the aim is simply to have fun and maybe learn a thing or two along the way.
This pack covers the information on the format, timings, and prizes. Missions and Terrain rules are also covered
within this pack. A short brief will be given in the morning prior to the start of play.

If you have any questions at all about this event or anything in this pack, please get in touch at

A Warhammer 40k matched play tournament consisting of 3 rounds, over the course of 1 day. All attendees will
play in 3 consecutive rounds of 40K action with generous breaks between – timings for the day are outlined below.

There will be prizes for 1 st , last place. There will also be a prize for Best Painted Army and Most Sporting Player,
the winners of which will be decided by a vote from participants on the day.

Attendees will bring a 1000 point Matched Play army and play all rounds using Games Workshop’s Incursion
missions from the Nephilim Grand Tournament Mission pack.
If required, judges will be on hand to settle queries arising from gaming situations as they present themselves.
Judges will be made known to players during the morning brief.

-Your 1000-point army. Preferably, your models will be fully painted and based but do not worry if they are not!!
This is an introductory event only.
- A copy of your 1000 pt list for your opponent to view
- Dice, tape measure, and six objective markers

- The core rules for Warhammer 40k
- Any relevant indices, codices, supplements, and FAQs for your army
- Games Workshop’s Nephilim Grand Tournament Mission Pack

Sunday 11 th September 2022
Timing Event Notes
0800 Doors Open
0845 Event Brief Players are politely requested to arrive NLT 0845

0900 Game 1 Starts 2 Hrs to complete
1100 Lunch
1200 Game 2 Starts 2 Hrs to complete
1400 Break
1430 Game 3 Starts 2 Hrs to complete
1700 Event wash-up

Each player’s army should be Battleforged in accordance with the GT rules for Incursion missions, i.e. cost no more
than 1000 points. Please submit lists prior to the event by 2100 Hrs on Friday 9 th September by email to Lists should clearly state all aspects of the army – there are multiple apps that can
be used that can assist with this (ie BattleScribe). These will then be checked by judges.

Terrain for your games will be on each table for you prior to game commencement. The following rules for terrain
will be used only: Light Cover, Obscuring and Dense Cover. A short brief will be given prior to the first game so all
players know what they will be doing.
Incursion sized missions will be revealed on the day of play prior to the start of each round.
The first round will be paired randomly. The rest of the rounds will have Swiss-style pairings, where you will be
paired against someone with a similar score.
● For round 2 onwards, players will be paired by the following metrics: Wins > VP.
● In the case of there being an odd number of players in the event, the lowest ranked player without an
opponent will be given a bye which is a win of 100VP.

● If at any point you need to drop out of the tournament, please let a judge know or email us beforehand.

Will take place between 8 and 9 in the morning. Players are politely requested to arrive NLT 0845.
Players will be ranked by the following metrics: Wins > Total VP.

If you would like to self-nominate for the best painted army award, please set up your army during the lunch
break. All players are encouraged to review the armies and vote for the winner of the award.

At the end of round 3, players can vote for an opponent for Most Sporting.

Our awards are designed to reward the effort invested in all elements of the 40k hobby. As such, it is possible for
players of all abilities to win something:
Best General - The highest ranked player

Wooden Spoon - The lowest ranked player

Best Painted - The player with the most votes for Best Painted Army
Most Sporting - The player with the most nominations from their opponents for Most Sporting


Coffee, Coke, Water