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Bolt Action Tournament Pack 'B'

Test Valley Models and Phoenix Wargamers are proud to present competitive Bolt Action event, we invite you to Sprue Cutters to join us for a fun, action-packed day.
Entrance fees of £12.50 are to be paid in advance via our website;

Free parking is available due to the store’s location at the commercial centre.
There are refreshments available in store, a Greggs and Starbucks are a 5-minute drive away.

Pizza's for the lunch break can be ordered for you, please place your order with Graham on arrival. (We offer this service, but are not liable for delivery punctuality, quality etc, Pizza's will be ordered from Caprino's in Andover)

Event to be held
Sprue Cutters unit 113 The Commercial Centre SP11 6RU
What to bring

  1. 2x copies of your army list (one for you and one for your opponent)
  2. Dice, order dice, tape measure, templates and dice bag
  3. Rule book and the most recent errata / FAQ
  4. Your Army

Timetable for event

Sign In 0830 – 0900

  • First Heat, 0915 – 1115
  • Second Heat, 1130 – 1330
  • Lunch 1330 – 1415
  • Third Heat 1430 – 1630
  • Clear Down 1630 – 1645
  • Prize Giving, 1645 – 1700
Event General Rules
  • Event to be played under Warlord Games Bolt Action Version 2 Rules in conjunction with the latest errata.
  • If there is a disagreement use common sense, players are encouraged to sort disputes amongst themselves – if it seems wrong in real the world then it probably is for the tabletop.
  • Game time is set to 2 hours per round
  • Games are to be played to the normal 6 turn limit with a 7th available or to the end of the current turn if the time limit is reached.

List Selection

  • 1000 points maximum
  • 2x Reinforced platoon or 1 theatre selector from your main army book
  • No units from supplements or campaign books may be taken
  • 14 Order dice maximum
  • No named characters
  • Max 2 flamethrowers of any type
  • 1x multiple launchers per list

  • Win 3 points
  • Draw 2 points
  • Loss 1 points
  • In the event of any overall tie, dice won will be used to determine the winner

  • 1st Place
  • 2nd place
  • 3rd Place
  • Most Sporting
  • Wooden Spoon