Locomotive Repairs, Servicing and Decoder Fitting

Locomotive repairs, servicing and decoder fitting.

We offer an in house service for servicing customers locomotives.


Repairs are carried out on a quote basis, we evaluate the cost of repair including and spare parts needed and the time required to fit those spare parts, we will also take the opportunity to service the locomotive which may or not require the replacement of cunsumable parts ( motor brushes, traction tyres). You will be given a quote for the cost of repair plus parts. We will only carryout the work on your authorisation.


Services are carried out at a standard charge + parts, we assume that the customer will want any worn parts replaced, if this is not the case, then it must be stated before work commences. Parts will be charged once fitted.

Decoder Fitting

There are many decoders on the market, unless the customer requests otherwise standard decoders will be fitted, these cost on average £23, if a particular decoder is fitted the customer will be given a price including fitting. Decoders depending on make and type can cost up to £100. The standard price for fitting a decoder is £10 plus the price of the decoder.

Please allow 14 days in the case of repairs and servicing, decoders can normally be done as a 'next day' service.





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