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Tournament Pack And Info Hampshire Hammerers Doubles 19th February 2023

Tournament Pack And Info Hampshire Hammerers Doubles 19th February 2023

War in the Realms II: Allies of Convenience

AoS Doubles
Event Pack

Sunday 19th February 2023


Sprue Cutters
113 The Commercial Centre
Picket Piece, Andover
SP11 6RU Event Essentials

Date: 19th February 2023

System: Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Matched Play Battlepack

Format: Doubles. You will play as a team of two!

Army Size: 1,000 points per player for a total of 2,000 points

Battleplans: 3 Battleplans from the General's Handbook: Pitched Battles 2022-23 Season 2 Battlepack will be in use. Each of your 3 games will use a different Battleplan.

Army Selection: Each player will follow the 1000 point restrictions from the table found in the Core Rules and Generals Handbook Pitched Battles 2022-23 Season 2.

Publications in use: All current and in-print Warhammer Age of Sigmar
Battletomes, warscroll compendiums (including those from Forge World), General's Handbook: Pitched Battles 2022-23 Season 2, and any core battalions printed in White Dwarf before 4th February 2023. We expect you to use the most current warscrolls for your models.
If a new battletome is yet to receive an FAQ the events team reserve the right to make ruling on any contentious rules (these will be in favour and in the spirit of having fun and the event organisers rulings are final)
Model Requirements

This isn’t Warhammer World, but we do have some standards that ensure a fun immersive day of wargaming for all involved.

Basing: Models must be fully assembled and on the correct sized base. If in
doubt check the basing guidelines from the Warhammer Community page.

Proxies: Whilst it should go without saying that we wholeheartedly encourage conversions, proxies, 3d printing and the like and love to see people’s creativity within their hobby projects any models do need to clearly represent the models they are intended to be. This is to be clear to your opponents before the game and clearly written on your army lists.
If in any doubt just get in touch with a member of the Hammerers Team before the event (the last thig we would want would be to ruin somebody’s day by having to tell them they can’t play with a model/unit).

Painting: Playing with fully painted armies adds to the enjoyment of these
events for everyone involved, however we know this takes time and effort.
The only painting standard we ask for is that you models are fully painted; there are awards for the best painted on the day.
Doubles Armies &
How They Work

Each player within a team will have their own separate 1000 point army following the restrictions set out in the Contest of Generals Table (in either the Core Rulebook or : Pitched Battles 2022-23 Season 2).
These two armies then combine in your games to create a TEAM army. Here are a few key points and FAQs regarding team armies.

When playing your games, a ‘player’ is a ‘team’. For example, if one player’s models gain control of an objective, the team gains control of it, and anything that is once per player is once per team.

Command Points: Your team generates command points during the game as normal with the addition that each player receives a command point at the beginning of each turn if their General is on the field.

Heroic Actions: Only one heroic action may be carried out per team per turn.

Battle Tactics: Only one Battle tactic is selected per team to complete in each of their turns. (you may select Battletome tactics and Grand Strategies however only the Army for which the Battletome covers may complete them)

When playing the game, you are treated as one army. Therefore, if one player has spent the points for an Endless Spell, then all Wizards belonging to that army (including your partner) may use that spell providing they are able to cast it.
This also means that if one member of a team has issued a command that phase (such as all out attack) then the other member of their team cannot issue that same command to another unit in their team that phase.

Each player’s 1000 point army is entirely their own and must be fully contained within their own army roster. You can’t share points, Core battalions or battleline units, for example.

An individual player’s allegiance may be different than their teammates, and can even be from a different Grand Alliance. These armies do not need to be able to ally with each other, but different allegiances within a player’s army must be able to ally following the normal rules.

Any Unique units and Enhancements (including the generic enhancements) can only be included once in a team. This includes Aspect of the Champion enhancements. (GHB p15)

Each player selects a General from their individual 1,000 point army and may give them a Command Trait and give their army Enhancements as normal. Note as above that you cannot duplicate enhancements within your team.

If both players have access to the same Battle Trait then it is used once for the team. For example if both players on a team are playing Nurgle, then there is only one Cycle of Corruption. Equally there will only be Bloodtithe granted per unit destroyed even if both players in a team are playing a Khorne army.

Summoning points: If both players share a ability to generate points for summoning (such a Seraphon, Tzeentch, Nurgle etc) then they generate these points as if they are one army. (eg Only one Slann general may use the Celestial Conjuration ability per hero phase, rather than both. Only one point is generated per spell cast for Tzeentch not one per player etc.

If two players are using the same Allegiance Abilities for their team army but have different sub-faction based Battle Traits within them, this is permitted providing they follow the usual rules within their respective 1,000 points. For example, if two players are both using a Stormcast Eternals army, they may use the Hammers of Sigmar and Hallowed Knights Stormhosts Battle Trait for their respective 1,000 point Vanguard providing the usual rules are followed within their 1,000 points
Army Lists

Once you have built your army, you must record each player’s army on two
separate army rosters.

All text must be clearly readable for us and your opponents to check. You will
need a copy of your Army List on hand for your opponent during the games.

You must use the same army rosters for each game, and all choices available to
you must be noted down on your army rosters. Your rosters must include
things like who your general is, Allegiance Abilities, Enhancements, Core Battalions etc.

Any kind of ability you can choose before the game must be decided on before
the event and recorded on your army roster. This includes things like Mark of
Chaos for Slaves to Darkness. These choices are made for the tournament, and
as they are part of your army roster, cannot be changed during the event.

Army Lists must be emailed to no later than Wednesday 15th February . Failure to do so will lose your team points – so make sure they are in on time!

All lists WILL be checked prior to the event.
Code of Conduct

It goes without saying, that whilst this is a competitive event first and foremost, we are here to have fun. So please make sure we make it enjoyable for all!

Good sportsmanship is free.

Conceding: Please make every effort to see your game through to the end
without conceding as we all would love to have 3 full games of Warhammer

Rules Disputes: If there are any disagreements with interpretation of the rules then please raise it with one of the event organisers who will make a ruling. (most likely on the side of common sense and fun though so be warned).
If you are aware that your army has a potentially contentious rule prior to the event, please raise it so a ruling can be made to avoid confusion or disappointment on the day.

Not much more to say here the Players Code in the Generals Handbook gives a good guide but just remember that we are all there to enjoy a day of dice rolling with clubmates! Win or lose your enjoyment is key.Tournament Scoring

All players will be given a score sheet to keep track of their games. At the end of each game, ensure these are fully filled in with your victory points, battle tactics, Grand Strategy etc before making your way to the Event Organisers to hand in your scores.
At the end of your last game we will also ask you to record your favourite army and favourite game votes.

Scoring is as follows:
Major Victory: 30 Points
Minor Victory: 15 Points
Draw: 10 Points
Minor Loss: 5 points
Major Loss: 0 Points

(Minor Win and Minor loss occur where the either the players were not able to complete the game or else the game ends with the teams within 3 VP of one another)

In the event of a Tie at the end of the tournament we will use overall number of VPs to determine the winner. Sports votes will be the second tiebreaker.


First Place for the team that ranks highest overall

Most Sporting for the team with the most favourite game votes

The Hammerers Spoon for the team that ranks the lowest overall

Best Army for the individual wins the player vote for Favourite Army

Saturday 30th October
09:00 – 09:30 Registration
09:30 Game One
12:15 Lunch Break*
13:15 Game Two
16:00 Break
16:15 Game Three
19:00 Awards Ceremony

*lunch is not included but there are local options available nearby where food and drink can be purchased. Pizzas can be ordered  through the shop for delivery and refreshments are also available at the shop.


If you want to ask any questions about the event, please either use the
Hampshire Hammerers Facebook page or website.
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