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Time To Move On

Time To Move On

There comes a time when you need to move on.

Despite three attempts to carry on trading in Andover Town Centre, I have come to the conclusion that the landlords of The Chantry Centre (Test Valley Borough Council) do not want me to move from where I am, in what is considered the main part of The Chantry, namely the central atrium.

The reasons for stopping me moving, range from access and egress issues out of hours, (despite other shops having the privilege), planning applications for change of use, (despite other traders not having to) and having to wait at least six months for a property to be renovated, despite it having been vacated at least 2 years ago.

I am moving to a place where the opening and closing hours are a LOT more flexible, I can park my car, and it won't get keyed, where the security is excellent, and I won't get stones thrown at my windows resulting in a £1k repair bill.

Those I have spoken to, say I am doing the right thing, as customers you will enjoy, a larger shop, dedicated games area, free parking, probably the best café in Andover on site, a post office, and loads more.

The address is 113 The Commercial Centre SP11 6RU.

The shop in The Chantry will close at 13:00 on 20th August, it re-opens (hopefully) on  27th August,  I hope to see you all there!

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Greig Morrison - September 14, 2022

Hope everything works out with the move and even though I cannot get there in person, I will continue to support your efforts from ‘afar’.

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