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The Great Games Workshop Conspiracy !

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the changes GW have made to their partnership program, and the somewhat "misinterpreted" threats concerning the violation of GW's IP and copyright status.

Let's take a step back and think of this logically from GW's standpoint.

Imagine if you had spent literally millions over the years in developing a brand, to the point where you are the most successful retail business on the high st.

Would you stand back and allow individuals to profit in any way from your brand?

Would you stand back, and watch as others, plagiarise your logo's, designs and finished products, and not pay you a penny in licence fee's, commission or royalties ?

Of course, you wouldn't !

GW are not after the guy at home, 3D printing some shoulder pads ripped off thingiverse, or the odd 3D printed chainsword, for himself

It may sound like that, but GW are simply trying to stop the mass production of poor quality sculpts and 3D figures being sold on EBay and other platforms for a profit, using their name, their logo's and their designs, anyone who tries to say this doesn't happen has their head in the sand.

And yes they are out to get YouTubers, making money out of their name, only recently the Pariah Nexus box was panned on YouTube, as a "Waste of Money" "No Value" "Rubbish in a box".

Well that rubbish in a box was selling in my store at £76, the models released later would cost nearly £150, yet according to these "influencers" it had no value, I've since sold five sets !

If you want GW to lighten up on your printing a few shoulder pads, then stop watching these idiots on YouTube, also stop buying the rip off mini's on EBay and Facebay.

If you are one of these people doing it, then stop, because GW will find you, they will take you to court, and they will win, and they will claim damages and sue for compensation, ask yourself, is losing your house really worth it ?

If you are unsure about that, ask your partner.

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