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Terrain Ettiquette

Terrain Ettiquette

This is not a rant, but it is a bit long winded, and I would like you all to read it.

It is not aimed at anyone in particular, but at the group as a whole.


I run this shop/group/ games night with a LOT of help from a few people.


One of those gives up a great deal of his time painting and creating terrain for the shop, terrain which I purchase, he and his wife take very little reward for this, even though it is offered.


A recent audit of the terrain has shown that it is getting damaged, some of it is non-repairable, and we admit some of it is a bit naff (and never gets used) to say the least.


I know that none of you will damage terrain on purpose, you are not that kind of people.


We have to have some kind of understanding of how terrain is used and looked after by the whole group, including myself, we do not want to be in the situation of some clubs/groups/shops where you are given a box of terrain and have to pay a deposit, that is not our way.


Over the coming weeks, and as finances allow we will be purchasing more and better boxes to store the terrain in.


As this happens a tables worth of terrain will be put in each box, each box will be labelled, 40K, Bolt Action, Fantasy etc, there will also be boxes for trees and other scatter.

Boxes are not to be mixed, and no more than one box per table. (Some of you do tend to over egg the pudding where terrain is concerned.)


Going forward I would like you to follow this simple guide.


Most of the 6 x 4 tables now have shelves, use these for stowing your boxes while playing.

Do not place cans/mugs/cups of drink on the tables

Do not eat and then handle terrain, (without washing wiping your hands first). (I will be providing wet wipes/tissues FOC).

Please wear tight clothing, (Baggy clothing tends to get caught on trees, and tall terrain, knocking it over and causing damage).

Do not cram terrain into a box.

Do not put so much terrain in the box that the lid (if there is one) will not fit.

Do not use terrain from more one box.

If a piece will not fit in a box, leave it on the table.


I know accidents happen, therefore, if you damage a piece of terrain then bring it to me straight away, (yes, even in the middle of a game), you may get a sigh, and a disdained look, but it will be fine.


I’ve Read it code; SSN08

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