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Table Top Gamers #1 | Test Valley

Table Top Gamers #1

This is the first in a series of short interviews with people from the table top gaming community.

Hopefully over the weeks and months we will get an insight into the type of person who enjoys playing table top games.

The first in the series is Adam West.

Adam is 32 and is employed as a Technical Trainer in the automotive world. (He teaches people how to fix cars!)

How did you get into Table Top Gaming?

My Dad played table top games, and that piqued my interest, he was always looking for an opponent, I was happy to join in.


What games do you play ?

I play a few, Warhammer 30K, Warhammer Fantasy, Bolt Action, Victory At Sea & Clash Of Spears.

Which do you enjoy most ?

Warhammer Fantasy

Which aspect do you enjoy most, assembly, painting or playing?

Definitely playing, I prefer to build and paint my own models, rather than buy ready to play miniatures.

Do you enter tournaments or play campaigns ?

Yes to both, I have entered tournaments in the past, my best effort has been a couple of seconds, but no major wins.

Do you belong to a Club ?

I visit the club in Durrington Wiltshire


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