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On April 23rd 2023 I shall reach the age of 66.

At a time when many people would be thinking of taking it easy, stop working and enjoy some time off, I am not

For reasons I'm not willing to go into I cannot do that.

However, I have been told by my sons, and more importantly my doctor to "Slow down" a little.

Because of this I have a four year plan to fully retire in 4 years time, I think by the time I am 70, you will have had enough of me.

Neither of my sons have an interest in taking on the business, they are both in well paid jobs. 

I would like to see this community continue after April 2027.

In short I need an exit plan, and hopefully someone to take over the business allowing me to walk away.

I will be changing the shop to a limited company before or on my 66th birthday.

I am looking for someone to buy in as 50/50 Director, with the option for a complete buyout in 4 yrs time.

I have a figure in mind for a 50% buy in, this investment would be used to clear the company debts, with any remaining equity used to build up stock and the company profile on the web and in the UK generally.

The person(s) would have a full say in the running of the business over the next four years, so it would suit someone who is a modeling/wargaming enthusiast, and wants to learn the ropes.

Any genuine interested parties should either call at the shop or DM me to express an interest.

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