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Product Supply Update

This update on the state of play regarding Tamiya, may also relate to other suppliers based in the Far East, notably Japan and China.

There is now a shortage of shipping containers worldwide which is affecting the transportation of products by sea, road and rail, the shortage is due to two main causes, the amount of PPE being stored by countries, and the amount of containers that remain undelivered on ships and in docks.

As previously stated, some ships are now missing their docking time at ports and are moving on to the next port, congestion is particulalry bad at Southampton and Felixstowe, Rotterdam is operating at well above capacity.

What all this amounts to is the time taken to deliver products has doubled, and some routes have seen prices increase by 300% since December for container space onboard ships.

This backlog of orders is not just affecting the finished goods, all supply chains are being affected, even those of raw materials.

The differing COVID-19 regulations around the world and social distancing measures are the main factor in restricting supplies.

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