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Making things bigger.............................. | Test Valley

Making things bigger..............................

One part of having the shop that I really like is my ability to see  problem and help customers solve it.

Case in point, I had a customer in the shop recently, who loved Warhammer 40K, and used to enjoy building and painting the figures.

I say used to, because he related to me, that due to an eye disorder he now found it difficult to actually see the detail to paint, and that he struggled with the fine detail.

He was not a competition painter, but painted for the pleasure it gave him, during the conversation he mentioned that his opticians were Specsavers, he was unaware that he could choose a pair of magnifying glasses as his second pair.

I also showed him what could be achieved by using a head magnifier, on top of his normal spectacles,  the guy was amazed that he could once again see the detail in the figures.

Running a shop isn't just about taking the money and stepping back.

It's also about stepping forward and helping people enjoy the hobby to the best of their abilities.

My mantra in painting figures is that every one has a standard that someone else will aspire to.

So enjoy your hobby, and always remember, advice in the shop is free !

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