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Humbrol Enamel Paints and Test Valley Models

Humbrol Enamel Paints and Test Valley Models

We have received information from Hornby with regard to the current situation with their Humbrol branded enamel paints.  Their statement is as follows:
 "The CLP (Classification, Labelling & Packaging) Regulation regularly assesses and occasionally reclassifies chemicals. “Meko”, a popular anti-skinning agent, extensively used in the paint industry has been reclassified under CLP.  The change in classification resulted in the substance being phased out for supply to the consumer in Europe. The affected paint cannot be sold to the general public after 1st March 2022 under the REACH Regulation.


Customers are advised not to continue to use Humbrol enamels until further notice, and to seek alternative paints.


Test Valley Models has by law had to remove all Humbrol enamel paints from sale.

Humbrol are NOT offering retailers a credit or any form of reimbursement for stock purchased before 1st January 2022

As such from March 30th 2022 Test Valley Models will no longer sell any Humbrol products.

As Humbrol are part of the Hornby group of companies, Test Valley Models is also considering it’s position in stocking ANY Hornby group related products.

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Test Valley Models - July 13, 2022

There is an update to this, which Humbrol / Hornby put out to the trade some time after the recall, and after a lot of traders like myself had removed the stock and either sent it back to Humbrol for disposal, or disposed of it themselves.
Paraphrasing the update;
The recall was in fact unnecessary as the amount of “banned” product was so minimal in each pot, to be barely detectable, there was also some confusion over whether the chemical concerned was actually on the list that the UK adopted during the Brexit transition.

The upshot of this is that many retailers are now refusing to stock Humbrol paints, (the outlay for a new stand at TRADE prices, is over £1k).
There are many theories over why Hornby/Humbrol acted in this way, the main one being that they are attempting to move to a mainly online presence, bar two or three “Elite” customers.
This is borne out by them making the whole of the exterior sales force redundant at literally a moment’s notice.
It also appears that the board at Hornby will do anything to show a profit, even if that means alienating it’s wider trade base.

Phil O'Gara - July 13, 2022

Then why are Humbrol/Hornby selling the paints on their website?
The process by which stuff is restricted (its an EU thing run by ECHA – European Chemicals Agency) is slow and obscure but seemingly largely escapes general public notice. Annoying as hell because it generally seems to work on the principle that the public cannot be trusted.

Simon Atack - April 28, 2022

Why all of a sudden is this happening now? I’m one of thousands of model makers who have used Humbrol enamels for decades with no ill side effects to health of any kind. It’s just another knee jerk reaction to something that may or may not have some effect on respiratory circulation.
Sounds like another preposterous risk aversion measure.

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