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Hampshire Hammerers March 40K Event pack

Hampshire Hammerers March 40K Event pack

Hampshire Hammerers 40K Matched Play Event Pack

18th March 2023

Table of Contents

This document provides all the information you need to participate in the Hampshire
Hammerers Warhammer 40K tournament on Saturday, the 18 th of March, 2023.
The event is being run as a Best Coast Pairings (BCP) registered Rogue Trader
Tournament (RTT) event, and promises to offer a relaxed, friendly competitive gaming
Up to 20 players will participate in the one-day event consisting of three Strike Force-sized
games (2000 pts).
This pack covers information on the event format, timings, army selection, event registration,
missions, terrain, and prizes.
A short brief will be given on the morning before the start of play to clarify any
pertinent points regarding the day.
The entry cost is £20 per player. Booked via the website events page.

General Enquiries and Feedback
If you have any questions at all about this event or anything in this pack, please get in touch
at and reference the event in question.

What is it?
A Warhammer 40k matched play tournament consisting of three rounds over the course of
1 day. All attendees will play in 3 consecutive rounds of 40K action with generous breaks
between – timings for the day are outlined below.
Prizes will be for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and last place. There will also be a prize for Best Painted
Army and Most Sporting Player, the winners of which will be decided by a vote from
participants and/or organisers on the day.
Attendees will bring a 2000-point Matched Play army and play all rounds using Games
Workshop’s Strike Force missions from the Arks of Omen Grand Tournament Mission pack.
If required, Tournament Organisers (TO’s) will be on hand to settle queries arising
from gaming situations as they present themselves. TO’s will be made known to players
during the morning brief.

What Do You Need to Bring?
- Your 2000-point 40K battle forged army. 
o Models should be painted and based according to GW tournament rules as
described in the Arks of Omen GT Pack. 
o Models that do not meet this minimum table playing standard may incur a
Victory Point penalty as decided upon by event TO’s.

- A copy of your 2000 pt list for your opponent to view (hardcopy or softcopy is fine).
- Dice, tape measure, and six objective markers.
- The core rules for Warhammer 40k.
- Any relevant indices, codices, supplements, and FAQs for your army.
- Games Workshop’s Arks of Omen Grand Tournament Mission Pack.
o Digital versions of all required publications are acceptable.

Event Timings
Saturday 18th March 2023
08:30 - Doors Open Players are politely requested to arrive NLT 09:00 am.
09:15 - Event Brief
09:30 - Game 1 Starts 2 hrs and 45 mins to complete.
12:15 - Lunch
13:15 - Game 2 Starts 2 hrs and 45 mins to complete.
16:00 - Break
1630 - Game 3 Starts 2 hrs and 45 mins to complete.
19:30 - Event wash-up Awards and prize giving.

Event Registration
Players are to find and register for the event via the BCP app or website using the following
tournament link:
Players should ‘check in’ on the app when arriving at the venue.
If registration in this manner cannot be achieved, please contact us at

Army Selection
Each player’s army should be Battle-forged in accordance with the GT rules for Strike Force
missions, i.e. cost no more than 2000 points and meet all detachment requirements. 
Please submit lists before the event by 17:00 Hrs on Monday, 13th March, using the BCP
Lists should clearly state all aspects of the army – multiple apps can be used that can assist
with this (i.e. BattleScribe). Judges will then check these.
Terrian Rules
Terrain for your games will be set up on each table for you before the start of each game.
Only the following rules for terrain will be used: Light Cover, Obscuring Cover and
Dense Cover. Terrain rules will be covered and demonstrated during the short event in-brief.
Strike Force-sized missions will be randomly generated before each round and revealed
before the start of each round.
Event Pairings and Rankings
All event pairings and rankings will be determined through the BCP app. (NOTE: In the event
of an odd number of tournament players, a TO will act as an opponent to ensure all event
attendees get a game each round).
Event Winner - The highest-ranked player. Trophy + Shop Voucher.
Second Place - Trophy + Shop Voucher.
Third Place - Trophy + Shop Voucher.
Prizes will vary for the following categories:
Wooden Spoon – Last place legend!!
Best Painted - The player with the most votes for Best Painted Army as determined by

TO’s. (If you have a commission-painted army, then please make this known to event TOs).
Most Sporting - The player with the most nominations from their opponents for
Most Sporting.

A selection of drinks and snacks is available in the store.
We can order Caprino’s pizza for the lunch break at extra cost.
Orders for Pizza will be taken from 10:00 – 11:00
Please bring some cash to purchase drinks and snacks; this reduces costs for the shop.

Photos will be taken throughout the course of the event of players and models and may be
subsequently shared on social media platforms. If you do not wish to appear in any photos
or share your image on social media platforms, please inform a TO.
Please Note: No refunds will be issued for a no-show once event payment is made.
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