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Hampshire Hammerers AoS  Rules pack

Hampshire Hammerers AoS Rules pack

Welcome to the rules pack for the first Hampshire Hammerers AoS Event running in conjunction with Sprue Cutters Andover!
This will be a 2k Matched play event played over 3 games.
This pack covers the event rules and all other information that you will need to ensure that you have a great day of wargaming in the Mortal Realms.
Date – Saturday 14 Jan 2023

Venue – Sprue Cutters.
113 The Commercial Centre, Picket Piece, Andover SP11 6RU

Schedule & Round Timings
0930: Shop opens, Registration.
0945: Welcome and Announcements
1000 – 1230: First Round
1230 - 1330: Lunch Break*
1330 - 1600: Second Round
1615 - 1930: Final Round
1945: Winner announcement and prize giving!
*lunch is not included but there are local options available nearby café nearby where food and drink can be purchased. Refreshments are also available at the shop.
Tickets for the event are £15 and can be purchased through the Sprue Cutters website at

There is space for up to 20 players at the event.

Event Rules
Core Rules
All core rules for Age of Sigmar are used. Matched Play rules are used. The Battlepack rules from the most recent General’s Handbook will be in play.
The latest FAQ will always apply, regardless of how far in advance of a tournament that FAQ was released. We will use our discretion if this unduly affects a player (e.g. completely invalidating a pre-submitted list) .
We will play 3 battleplans from the most recent General’s Handbook. The battleplans will be randomly selected and announced preceding the event but after list submission.
Army Construction
The event will require a 2000 point army. Armies should be constructed as per Pitched Battle Matched Play rules from the latest General’s Handbook.
Any new releases that are officially released at least 7 days before the event will be allowed.
List Submission
All lists must be submitted by 11:59pm on Saturday 7th January 2023. All lists should be submitted using either the AoS App or Warscroll Builder and sent to the Hammerers email address (
Scoring, Ranking & Pairings
Scoring for the event will be equally weighted between gaming score, sportsmanship score and painting score (with a maximum of 30 for each element).

Gaming Scores
Players earn a number of tournament points for each game, depending on their result. The number of points earned is as follows (a minor victory/minor loss is denoted by a game which ends with players with 3 victory points).
Major Victory 10 Minor
Victory 7 Draw 5 Minor Loss 2 Major Loss 0
Army/Painting Scores
Players will vote for their favourite army that they played on the day. Each vote earned will score 10 points.

Sportsmanship scores
Players will vote for their favourite opponent from their three games at the end of the event. Each vote earned will score 10 points.

Players are ranked according to who has the most Tournament points overall. Tied players will be ranked first by Favourite Game votes followed by Victory Points and finally by number of battle tactics scored.

Each round players are placed into a bracket with all other players who currently have the same number of wins. Players are then randomly matched with another player in the same bracket whom they have not yet played at this event.
Painting and Modelling Scores
For each of the following criteria your army does not meet, you will be docked 5 points from your total VP score at the end of the event:
? Fully painted to a finished standard
? Coloured and textured base
? Cohesive Scheme - all your models look like they belong to the same army! (we will be fairly flexible on this one, but be honest with us… if its not yours or from another army tell us)
Any models that are not fully painted will be asked to be removed from the table for the event, we all like to play against fully painted armies.
Any conversions/proxies/3d prints etc that clearly represent the model you are trying to play is absolutely fine and it’s great to see what people come up with. These should also meet the above criteria and be obvious to your opponents what models they are meant to be.
If you are unsure as to whether your models meet the above criteria, then please contact us in advance of the event we are happy to help.
We expect all players to demonstrate sporting conduct throughout the event ( you’ll be playing against your fellow Hammerers so this should go without saying).
First and foremost, the event is meant to be fun and a chance to meet new people from the club and hopefully enhance your future club nights. We don’t expect to have problems with behaviour or conduct. If you feel the issue may affect the outcome of a game in progress, you must alert the TO during the game.
Unsporting conduct may result in deduction of tournament points, and serious or repeated offences may result in automatic game losses or disqualification.

End of Round Procedures
Timings will be made clear each round along with regular timing updates. Players should try to play an equal number of turns in the allotted time where possible. When time is called it is dice down (we will be strict about this so that we can keep to time). If you have not played an even number of turns when time is called, please call a TO who will help you in deciding the likely outcome. TO involvement in decision making will assume 5 turns would be played if our involvement is needed. Repeated failure to submit a result in time may incur a penalty.
Tournament Organiser Responsibilities
This event will be officiated by Martin as the tournament organiser (TO) for the day. It is the TO job to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that all players have a great day. The TO’s word is always final in all matters whether they relate to rules, conduct, or otherwise. If you have any problems, questions, or there is anything that you feel that you need help with or not sure about, please speak to your tournament organiser – we’re here to help!
As the scores are a combination of gaming success, sportsmanship and painting the awards for the day will be as follows
The Grand Hammerers – 1st, 2nd & 3rd place overall

There will also be honourable mentions for the following:
Warlord without equal – Highest gaming score (tiebreaker – Battle Tactics, then roll off)
The Honourable Hammerer – Highest sports votes (tiebreaker –gaming score then roll off)
The Hammerers Artisan – (most painting votes (tiebreaker TOs choice)
The “My Dice are Cursed” award – lowest gaming score (Tie breaker most sports votes)
Contact Details
If you want to get in touch with us regarding anything in this pack, questions about the event, queries about the venue etc just contact a member of the Hammerers team on Facebook, through Twitter of WhatsApp or via email

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