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Booking Gaming Tables

Booking Gaming Tables

This page outlines the way to book tables for gaming on Friday nights and at all other times.


As previously advised tables are now £5 per person, per session.

(A session is 4 hrs)

The booking process online is the same for Friday nights, and other times.

The only difference is that Friday night gaming will require opponents to let each other know which table has been booked.

There are two sizes of table;

6 x 4  Each of these have four slots

4 x 4 Each of these has two slots

Each slot is a player.

Each person can book their own place on relevant table, or one person can book multiple slots.

Firstly find an opponents(s) on the Spruecutters Facebook page

1. Then choose a table in the Friday night gaming post on the Spruecutters page on Facebook. (Only you OR your opponent should do this)

2. Then go to the website and book that table,

(i) Enter the relevant quantity (ie 1) and click on continue,

(ii) Select the date, then click on the green button that says there are slots available.

(iii) Click on "Continue" then "Confirm". Enter your details as prompted and pay.

3. If you are responding to a request for a game,

(i) Go to the website, and select the table as chosen on Facebook

(ii) Then follow the instructions from (i) in Step 2 above.

In summary


Player A posts that he/she wants a game of 40k.

Player B responds that he/she will play them.

Player A books table 6 in the post, Player B also selects that table.

They both then book a slot on the corresponding table number (Table 6) on the website.

They each make seperate payments.

Any ? or issues DM me.

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