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Beast Snagga Orks...............The Aftermath | Test Valley

Beast Snagga Orks...............The Aftermath

Once again a boxed set  release by GW has been vastly oversubscribed, and GW have failed to meet demand, as with Indomitus, the Beast Snagga Orks Army set has been a raging success.

My business was limited to an allocation of 5 (five) on pre-order, I could have sold three times that number.

So GW have left literally thousands of people, and ardent 40K gamers disappointed.

When I tried to get online to order extra, I was greeted with a queue, my wait was 42mins, by the time I got it at 10:42, it was sold out online.

I can also state with 99.9% accuracy that there wont be a single one actually appearing on a shelf in a shop on release day.

The question many people ask me is "why do GW do this"

The answer is that it is a very clever marketing strategy, some have suggested that they are a loss-leader, this is not the case, the answer is far simpler.

The strategy is this;

You release a limited amount of the box sets into the community to create a demand, then you give people  enough time to assemble, paint and start playing with these miniatures.

That as we all know creates a demand for the separate squads and accessories that make up this box.

You can be sure as eggs are eggs, that GW will release all of these items in separate boxes, in the not too distant future.

The only difference will be that the total coast bought individually will be closer to £200.

It has to be said that the Warhammer gamer, falls for it every time.

Think I am wrong, then take a look at the AOS Dominion sales, I had 30, and still have 11 left, and they are proving a problem to shift, AOS is not as popular as 40K, and they still haven't sold out.

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