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Over the past twelve months the shop has suffered from a double whammy.

Firstly, the war in Ukraine.

In the latter half of the year more and more troops from Tidworth have been mobilised to countries on Ukraine's border, the shop relied heavily on these people for an income.

Secondly, the increase in the cost of living is having an effect on all of us, in particular it is having a very damaging effect on leisure activities as these are the first things people cut back on when they need to save money.

Like you, I too have had to take on higher bills, not just in the shop, but personally as well, I am finding it harder and harder to absorb these costs as they increase.

As an example my fuel bill for the shop has increased from £38 a month in August to £180 a month in November, this is AFTER the government subsidy we all receive.

The stark reality is, a hard and difficult decision has to be made

Whether or not to make January 2023 the last month the shop would open and close for good.


Reduce costs significantly.

I feel it only fair to tell you all that, even with the reductions that I have made, the survival of the shop is very much on a knife edge.

Therefore in order for the shop to survive, discounts have to be reduced, not dramatically, but they still have to be reduced in line with other retail outlets.

Also, I have taken the decision to increase the cost of Games Night to £5 per person, (many of you have been telling me to do this anyway)

The booking system will revised to reflect this after 6th January,

This will also allow me to simplify the booking system, as you will be booking a slot, the only choice to make will be table size.

*I have been informed that for fire regulations I need those attending to sign in from now on (I should have been doing this from day one).


Now here is some better news.


It has been suggested for a long time that we have some sort of membership scheme, with rewards for loyal customers and gamers

With this in mind, I am launching the following scheme.

Membership would cost £100 Per Annum (Payable in Advance)

Membership Benefits Per Year.

Two free Friday night game nights per month

One Free Coffee/Drink per games night/Event

10% Discount on All Spruecutters Events

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