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Airfix 2021

Earlier this week (We Jan 9th 2021) Airfix launched their 2021 catalogue, which never ceases to amaze me because they are the only company I know of that needs to tell us what kits they are going to produce, and in a lot of cases fail to deliver.

It has to be said that most of the "New Tools" they have announced are in the 'QuickBuild' range.

In the actual kits range there are supposedly six new tools, I wont bore you with them because there are already kits on the market and very good ones at that for every new tool Airfix are saying they will produce.

The one they are pushing most is the newly tooled Mosquito, an aircraft which has been done to death by other manufacturers and it seems very unlikely that Airfix will bring anything new to the table. The diffence being that this kit is the pressurised cockpit version, it remains to be seen how they get this vasriant across.

Looking at the 3D print imaging, to me it lacks the detail and crispness of existing kits like the Tamiya version.

We also see more re-issues under the 'Vintage' or 'Classic' banner, kits that were terrible when they were new, and are even worse after 50 odd years and no refurbishment to the tooling, personally I find these 'Vintage' kits do no more than gather dust on my shelves, the price points are too high, and the build quality is abysmal.

There is also evidence of Airfix and Warlord working together, the Sherman tank you see being painted looks suspiciously like the Warlord (former Italeri) version, with very little detail, and very few parts, the scale is 1/56 or 28mm, it will be interesting to discover if this is the case.

Another kit making a re-emergence because it has an anniversary is Concorde, once again don't expect a new tooling, this is the original tooling in a new box, and to add insult to injury there are two versions of the kit which in it's day was subject to warped wings and a poor fit.

In all it wasn't really worth all the effort Airfix put into launching the 'new' range, along with a new Youtube channel called "Flight Deck" hosted by some over enthusiastic millennial that most modelers will avoid like the plague, especially when you see one of Airfix's own in house modelers using Humbrol starter pot paint, straight from the pot !

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