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Airfix 1/35 Cromwell Tank | Test Valley

Airfix 1/35 Cromwell Tank

If you are the sort of modeller who likes things right then you best stay away from this kit, unless you are the sort of modeler who likes things right, and when they are not, you put them in order.

Firstly it has to be said that this is a good kit despite it's inaccuracies, but then it has to be because it's not 100% Airfix, Academy have had a great deal of input into this kit, not just in the moulding, but the inclusion of photo-etch is a dead giveaway as to the kits origins, the biggest though is that it was made in Korea.

The most obvious mistake is the inclusion of the hedgecutter, more often seen on the M4 Sherman in the bocage areas of Normandy, was it actually fitted to the Cromwell, I can find no eveidence that it was?

On top of that you have to be almost blind to notice that the roadwheels only have six holding bolts, when Cromwells had eight, a glaring mistake in the eyes of the rivet counters, and with an RRP of £30 you would expect it to be right.

Yes you can buy aftermarket wheels, but they cost around £12, making this a £42 kit ! It has to be said that lookign at the sprues Airfix are catering for further variations, there is a large amount of plastic you are buying, which you will never use, another black mark.

Is it as good as the Tamiya Cromwell, well to be honest in build quality it is, but when you take into account having to purchase aftermarket parts to make it right, not better, then it falls behind the Tamiya.

All manufacturers have made mistakes in producing kits, and you have to wonder sometimes who they employ to do the research, when you produce a flagship kit, and spend a lot of money marketing it, you have to get it right, sadly all too often Airfix fail at the final hurdle.


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