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A Modelling Life

Like most boys my first venture into modelling was an Airfix kit.

I seem to remember it being Spitfire, or was it a Hurricane, I must have been about 10yrs old.

I still remember that tube of glue spewing out over my mother's table cloth, and she doing a dance and not being too happy about it.

The respite was it didn't get through to the varnished surface, the outcome thereafter was me doing my modelling on the Formica topped kitchen table.

Her comment was, "You'd do better concentrating on your homework"!

But would I?

When I watch a film or TV program nowadays, in my mind I'm playing a game, and that game is "Spot the models"

Even today with Computers and CGI, film makers still rely on model makers,people who like me probably started out building an Airfix Spitfire aged ten on the kitchen table.

Only they didn't get up and do their homework, they carried on building plastic kits!


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