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2021 Wargaming Shows And Tournaments | Test Valley

2021 Wargaming Shows And Tournaments

Owing  to the ongoing Covid Restrictions in the UK being forecasted to carry on until mid February and possibly longer it is very diffcult to see any table top show or tournaments taking place in the first two months of 2021.

Contacting organisers is also drawing a blank, very few are willing to commit anything to paper, let alone the internet, and from what I have found out, all links to 2021 events are at the moment defaulting to 2020 sites.

Test Valley Models were planning a small event in 2021, but that has had to be shelved until it is certain it can go ahead with little or no restrictions.

I shall endeavour to keep you all up to speed on events happening locally to us and UK wide as when details are made available.

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